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Dog Training Private Lessons

Pawsitively Inspired Dog Training

     A well behaved dog makes a perfect companion and should be a pleasure to live with. Unfortunately, your canine pal isn’t born with inbuilt good behavior and social skills. Although your canine friend is always learning, if you don't teach him good manners and skills, he will invent his own. Training allows you to bond with your pet plus safely and humanely control his behavior. 

                REWARD-BASED TECHNIQUES with all dogs regardless of size, breed, age or background is our way to work with dogs.

Your dog will learn that correct behavior will be rewarded and your dog will desire to repeat this behavior.

Your dog will listen to you not because he has to, but because he wants to!

You will learn how to keep your dog focused on YOU, not on a food treat in your hand.



                If you just welcomed a new puppy or adult dog and want to make sure you have set everything up right so that you are giving your new dog the best start possible, or if you are planning to get a new dog and want to be informed proparely 

1. A New Dog Consultation ( held in your home ) -

can be helpful in this case.

It will address any concerns that you may have, and will also include information that you should not be without when you first bring home your new dog.

THE COST $119.00


If you already have a dog but you are embarrassed by it's behavior, frustrated because it doesn’t seem to pay attention to you, do not wait, call PERFECT POOCH. We can help you with -

2. The Dog Behavior Modification Program -

based on love, experience and scientific approach with high quality professionalism; includes 6-x lessons lasting 1hour each


THE COST $119.00

     If you already have been trying to teach your dog the commands but he/she still is not reliable with respond

3.The Formal Basic Dog Obedience Package -

8-x In-Home Weekly Sessions of Structured Basic Obedience Exercises (lasting 1 hour each) is a beneficial program for your pet.

 During the course of our structured 6-week program, we will teach your dog the following skills:

"Watch!" "Come", 'Sit', "Down", "Stay"," Heel", "Leave it", "Place"; with 3D emphasis -


You also will be provided with a socialization program for your dog.

THE COST - $ 459.00

Payment for the services can be made by cash or check and is due in full at the beginning of the first session ( A mileage fee may be charged for long distance travel)

Dog Training Private lessons

(540) 576 35-14 / [email protected]