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We have never used a trainer for any of our previous dogs, but our Aussie Shepherd pup had so much energy, we were having trouble channeling that energy. Tatiana was recommended by a friend, so we set up a session at our home.

 The changes in our dog were almost immediate. In just a few weeks, walking her became a pleasure instead of a chore. Tatiana taught us how to handle bad habits such as jumping up on people, barking at other dogs, etc. and gave us tips on constructive play time. Our dog learned how to play with other dogs instead of being aggressive toward them. Tatiana is truly a "dog whisperer". We checked out her credentials and she is everything and more with her certifications. She also volunteers her time and expertise to the local animal shelter. My husband and I would recommend Tatiana for dog training in any situation 'Terri and Bob Lamendola, Water's Edge SML 

                           ''We cannot say enough about Tatiana! We had to take a job that took us away from home for 8 weeks and were unable to bring our pets with us. Luckily, we found Tatiana and she was able to take care of Maggie and Ellie while we were gone. Having someone trustworthy to take good care of them while we were gone was such as blessing. Tatiana sent us email updates and photos while we were away missing our pets! These kinds of personal touches make a world of difference. In addition to taking such good care of them, she also taught our dog Maggie some skills that we are now practicing at home and plan to continue with training sessions in the future. We would recommend Perfect Pooch to anyone that is looking to find a safe, trustworthy, happy environment for their pets. This kind of peace of mind is priceless''

Steven & Kelli

Union Hall, VA     

I got a new baby, a teacup yorkie-po, Samson. He was just wonderful, with one minus:he did not want to listen. I tried to teach him some commands and after one month I did not have any results. Tatiana came and after one session with her my dog became much better. After three sessions we corrected all the problems that I have with my puppy. Tatiana is a great dog trainer, she gave me notes, asked me to call her or email if I have any questions in between our meetings. She was very gentle with the dog, but at the same time she pointed out right away what we were doing wrong and how it needs to be done. I told all my friends and acquaintances about Tatiana.''

Irina Hallacher

Roanoke, VA.

"We adopted a dog approximately 3 yeas old a little over a year ago from the Humane Society. She is mostly Rhodesian Ridgeback, hence a large and powerful dog. She was friendly with people and aggressive towards other dogs.Training however was difficult since we did not know her background. she proved to be a single minded animal, tracking other animals and showed a habit of chasing cars.

Tatiana Braine from Perfect Pooch was recommended to us and we engaged her as Kellyis trainer. Kelly loved and trusted Tatiana immediately. Training took place at both; our house and hers with several nights at Tatiana's home. The methods used by Tatiana proved very successful. We saw amazing results after only a few lessons. The jumping stopped. To our amazement she made friends with one of Tatiana's dogs, a large pit bull mix, who Tatiana was fostering and training. Kelly takes commands readily when told to go to her bed, sit, waiter, heel, etc. She interacts beautifully with our large family of 6 children and 15 grandchildren and is a pleasure to be with. We will continue to work with Tatiana..."

William & Anna Telford, Moneta, VA.

We are so delighted with the care our little kitty receives when boarding (We tell her she's going "on vacation"!) at The Perfect Pooch! We are grateful that we do not have to confine our "free spirit-feline" to a cage while we're gone. When we pick her up after our travels, she is obviously content and happy. This makes our get-aways all the more enjoyable! Drop-off and Pick-up are convenient, as well. Thank you, Tanya, for everything you do for Chessie!

David and Mary Weilwer Union Hall, SML  

When we moved to Virginia from Maryland

one of our major concerns was having someone

take care of our dogs. My wife and I both work

long shifts and we worried we would not find

reliable care for our 2 golden retrievers, Ozzie & Dexter, while we are gone. Luckily we found Tanya who has made our life easier and the worries go away. Originally we thought that she was just going to let the dogs out for a

midday potty break, but it turned into much more. It is evident that Tanya makes the most of her time with our dogs. Their response to commands has improved dramatically, not to mention the new commands they have learned. Tanya also takes the time to groom each day she is here. The dogs are not the only ones learning new things. Тanya also educates us on dog training and she is always available to answer our questions. We consider ourselves very fortunate to have the services of Tanya.

Thanks a Million,

Dan and Jamie Timney,

Boones Mill.     

Dog Training Private Lessons.

(540) 576 35-14; [email protected]